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As a locally-owned and operated professional pest control company, Bel-O's employees have over 70 years combined experience. Their expertise has helped hundreds of home owners by solving pest problems common to the western Illinois/eastern Missouri area. We have Bel-O technicians certified in Missouri and Illinois and their services are backed by a money-back guarantee. Bel-O Pest Solutions is owned by Ron Hodgkins & Jim Lugge.

Seasonal Pest Tips

We call them occasional invaders, those bugs and pests that, when cold weather approches, seek the warmth and hospitality of your home! They include bugs like crickets, centipedes, millipedes, springtails and mice!

What can you do? If you're the do-it-yourself type, you can carefully seal all cracks and crevices that may serve as highways for these pests.

Or -- better yet, call us today to power treat the outside of your home to prevent these little critters from getting in!

Remember, our service is guaranteed!



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