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Redeem $80 Off Pest Control in Columbia

Are you sick and tired of dealing with pests in your space? Our Columbia exterminators can tackle any type of infestation you may be facing so you can enjoy a pest-free home for the long term.

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Convenient Scheduling

We know you have a busy schedule. That’s why we are proud to offer Saturday appointments for your convenience! Let us make your pest control experience with us hassle-free.

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Locally Owned & Operated

We’re committed to doing whatever we can to make our communities healthy and happy through our time, donations, sponsorships, and community involvement.​

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100% Service Guarantee

All of our recurring pest control services are backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. If pests return to your home once we’ve treated it, simply give us a call and we’ll make it right.​​

Bel-O Pest is the best around! We have been using them for 10 years, and they do the best work. If you are ever in need of pest control call them first- it's the only call you will have to make.


Pest Control in Columbia

DIY treatments just won’t cut it when it comes to pest protection for your home. While store-bought solutions may seem to work for the short term, the insects are sure to return. These products simply cannot provide the insight and knowledge that our experienced pest control experts can. Our seasoned professionals provide service to many areas of our great state including Columbia, O'Fallon, and Smithton. From ants to spiders and everything in between we can eliminate any type of pest in no time. Insects and rodents are no match for our certified exterminators in Columbia. Don’t suffer any longer, give us a call today!


Access to Expert Exterminators Starting at Only $30/Month!

Our highly trained exterminators in Columbia will take the time to evaluate your situation before providing fast and effective services you can count on. As a locally owned pest control company in Columbia, we understand the specific pest control needs of this area.

Our pest control in Columbia includes:

  • An in-depth inspection to determine the extent of your infestation
  • A custom treatment plan that will keep take every factor into consideration
  • Implementation of top of the line treatments
  • Recommendations on how to keep your home secure in the future
  • Recurring, regular pest treatments to keep pests away for good


Premier Service Plan

Our basic recurring pest program, keeping your home safe from rodents and common pests like spiders, cockroaches, ants, and more.Learn More

Premier Service Plus Plan

Protect your home from common pests and rodents PLUS get complete protection from termites. Learn More

Termite Treatment in Columbia - Free Inspection

Your home is your family’s haven and often your biggest investment -- don’t let termites destroy it. Termites may not look intimidating but they can cause serious structural damage to your home. Termites are aggressive pests that move fast so it is important to contact a termite control professional as soon as you suspect a termite infestation. 

At Bel-O Pest in Columbia, we are proud to use the Sentricon System for our termite treatment in Columbia. The Sentricon System Always Active Technology is a safe and effective termite baiting system that provides 24/7 protection for your home. Sentricon System is also an eco-friendly solution to riding your home of termites. The benefits of the Sentricon System Always Active Technology include: 

  • Number one brand in termite protection
  • It eliminates termites at the source and destroys the entire colony
  • It is a green and eco-friendly solution
  • Not disruptive to your home at all
  • and more! 

Whether you are being proactive about termite control or if termites have already infested your home, Bel-O Pest Solutions can help you! Our expert termite exterminators will provide you with peace of mind that your home is protected against termites. 

Get a Free Termite Control Inspection Today!

Relax Knowing Your Columbia Home is Rodent Free

If you have pesky rodents in your home, the team at Bel-O Pest Solutions can help you. Rodents will find their way into any small corner of your home but our expert rodent exterminators are ready to get rid of them. Rodents carry diseases that can spread to humans, such as Salmonella, Typhus, Rat-bite fever, and many more. For the safety of your home and family, it is important to have a professional pest exterminator handle rodent control.

Rodents are often known to cause damage by chewing through electrical wires and other structural elements of your home. It is critical to take proper action when presented with a rodent infestation, as well as rodent-proofing your attic, a common area for rodents to make their home. What you can expect from Bel-O rodent control: 

  • An inspection done by one of our expert rodent exterminators to determine problem areas and entry spots
  • A unique and custom removal plan that is best for your family and home
  • Elimination of any current rodents
  • 100% service guarantee within your warranty period 

Don’t let rodents make themselves comfortable in your family’s Columbia home, call Bel-O Pest Solutions today!


Bed Bug Control in Columbia

Getting a good night’s sleep can start to feel impossible when your home has been taken over by bed bugs. Luckily, Bel-O Pest Solutions offers fast-acting bed bug control in Columbia, so you can get back to sleeping soundly in no time!

One Treatment To Restore Your Bed Bug-Free Home

Bed bugs are persistent household pests, often standing up to DIY treatments to continue to expose your family to rashes, bites, allergic reactions, and more. If you're ready to let the experts take over, Bel-O Pest Solutions is here to help! We offer fast-acting and long-lasting Columbia bed bug treatments to completely eliminate bed bugs and the stress they cause. When you partner with us for your Columbia bed bug control needs, you will receive:

  • A free home inspection to help our bed bug exterminators assess the problem and develop a treatment plan to solve it.
  • A variety of treatment options, including liquid and heat, that work in as little as one day to eliminate your infestation completely.
  • A 100% service guarantee to promise that your home will stay bed bug-free.


Mosquito Control in Columbia

When you plan for outdoor activities, the last thing you need is to be chased back indoors by clouds of hungry mosquitoes. Given the illnesses these insects transmit, it’s not safe to be outside when swarms of these insects are looking for a meal. Mosquitoes carry West Nile and Zika viruses as well as dengue fever, encephalitis, and malaria. DIY repellants may help, but they won’t stop the annoying buzz of a mosquito swarm, and sprays expose your family to harmful toxins. At Bel-O Pest Solutions, we offer mosquito control backed by a service guarantee.

Mosquito Treatments on Your Schedule

When you schedule mosquito control in Columbia with Bel-O Pest Solutions, you’ll be partnering with a locally-owned pest control company willing to accommodate your busy life. We offer Saturday servicing and can treat mosquitoes even if you aren’t home. Why wait to enjoy the benefits of a mosquito-free yard? Reclaim your outdoor space today!

Our mosquito control services include:

  • A Free inspection
  • Flexible scheduling, including Saturday-services
  • Regular treatments to keep an infestation from coming back
  • Quality results guaranteed


Trust the Best in The Business!

We are committed to providing unmatched customer service to all of our customers because Columbia pest control should be easy and hassle-free. We even offer Saturday services so we can assist you whenever an issue arises. In addition, we offer a total service guarantee, so you can trust that we will get the job done right. Here at Bel-O Pest Solutions we always put our customers first and we will work to ensure that your experience is exceptional. With us, you don’t have to think twice about pests!

Show pests the door once and for all.

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