The Definitive Guide to Cockroaches in Illinois

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If you're a resident of Illinois, you may be wondering what to do if you encounter a cockroach. Cockroaches can be pesky creatures, and they can cause a lot of damage if they infest your home or business. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive guide to cockroaches in Illinois. We'll discuss identification, prevention, and treatment measures that you can take if these pests invade your space. In order to get rid of these insects, we will discuss 

  • Cockroach identification 
  • Dangers of cockroaches
  • Cockroach prevention tips

Cockroach Identification

The first step in getting rid of cockroaches is to identify them. These insects can vary in size and color, but they all have certain characteristics that make them easy to spot. For example, cockroaches have long, segmented bodies and six legs. They also have two antennae that are longer than their body. If you see an insect that has these characteristics, it's likely a cockroach.

Cockroaches come in different colors depending on the species. The different species you may run into include: 

  • German Cockroach: The most common type of cockroach in Illinois. These insects are light brown or tan and have two dark stripes on their back. 
  • American Cockroach: Also very common in Illinois. They tend to be red or brown and can grow to be more than an inch long. 
  • Oriental Cockroach: The largest type of cockroach found in Illinois. These pests are black or dark brown and can grow to be more than two inches long. 

While all cockroaches can be a nuisance, some species are more problematic than others. German cockroaches, for example, are known to spread disease. American cockroaches can also be a problem because they can damage property by chewing on wood and paper. Oriental cockroaches are not as likely to spread disease but can still be a nuisance because of their large size.

Dangers Of Cockroaches

Along with being a nuisance, there are certain aspects of cockroaches that can put your family in danger. Most of the general population will find them creepy and do not want them anywhere in their home, but they have the ability to spread bacteria to humans which can lead to sickness. There are up to 30 known types of bacteria these pests can carry, and they can carry these diseases by feeding through trash, sewage, and other waste around your home. Cockroaches are not dangerous in the aspect of biting humans or carrying dangerous poisons. Instead, it is all of the internal diseases they carry and chances of contaminating food that should make you conscious of your house surroundings. 

Cockroach Prevention Tips

At the end of the day, no one wants to see cockroaches scavenge your home. Depending on the cockroach, you will have to look in different areas around your house to find them. For example, oriental cockroaches like cool, damp locations, so they will most likely be hiding in your basement, cellar, or dark hidden locations. American cockroaches also enjoy damp areas, so they will hide in your bathroom, laundry room, or under fridges. German cockroaches are possibly the worst to deal with, as they like to hide in kitchens, cabinets, and behind walls. The best way to prevent cockroaches in your home is to keep a clean environment. Here are some of the best tips our expert exterminators have laid out: 

  • Regularly sweep and vacuum your floors, especially in the kitchen where food crumbs can attract cockroaches.
  • Wash dishes immediately after use and don’t let them sit in the sink overnight.
  • Store food in airtight containers and dispose of garbage regularly.
  • Fix any leaks in your plumbing because cockroaches are attracted to moisture.
  • Seal cracks and openings around your home where cockroaches could enter. 
  • Incorporate scents to repel cockroaches that include tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint, bay leaves, cinnamon, and garlic. 

By following these simple tips, you can help keep cockroaches away from your home and avoid the diseases they may carry. 

Professional Cockroach Control

If you've tried a plethora of tips and tricks, but still have cockroaches entering your home as they please, it might be time to call in a team of expert cockroach exterminators. At Bel-O Pest Solutions, our team services Illinois and Missouri with convenient scheduling and 100% satisfaction guarantees to ensure your cockroach problem can be concluded. Make sure to get rid of these pests today so you can get back to enjoying your home stress-free!

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