Termites in Illinois: A Complete Guide

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Termites can cause a lot of damage, which can lead to you spending thousands on the aftermath. These pests can be sneaky, and you may not even know that you are cohabitating with them. There are several species of termites in Illinois, however, there are a couple in particular that you should pay close attention to. 

To avoid a termite infestation, contact a professional exterminator. To prepare for your inspection, there are a few things you can do. Get familiar with the most common termites in the area, how to identify damage, and what you can do to stall their arrival.

Most Common Termite in Illinois

The most common termite in Illinois is the Eastern subterranean termite. Not only is it one of the most destructive termites in the area, but it is active year-round. More than any other termite, they seem to do the most damage to your pockets and your home. Their ideal environment is somewhere humid and moist, and they commonly build mud tubes to travel. These termites are known for their preference for softwood, and the damage they cause to wood. If you find out you might need a termite inspection, it is best to be proactive, and call a pest control company in Illinois. 

How to identify the Eastern subterranean termite

The eastern subterranean termite swarmers are approximately three-eighths of an inch long, with a dark brown body. This termite is specifically identified by its brownish-gray wings accompanied by two dark veins, and a small frontal gland pore on its head.

You may notice this species swarming around during the day, although flying is not their strong suit. When they make contact with the ground, they leave their wings behind in piles. This confirms their presence and alerts you that you might have a termite infestation.

Other Types of Termites

While these termites are not as common in Illinois, you will see them elsewhere, and they also cause extensive damage to homes.

Other common termites include:

  • Formosan termites: These termites can be mostly white in color, with an oval-shaped, dark orange to brown head. Because they swarm in larger groups, it should be fairly easy to detect if you have an infestation. This also means that they are capable of causing a substantial amount of damage.
  • Drywood termites: These termites can be identified by their thick waist, long wings, straight antennae, and anywhere from tan to black-colored body. Depending on their age, they can vary in size. Look out for a length of anywhere from one-fourth of an inch to three-eighths of an inch. 

How to Prevent Termites in Illinois

Don’t fret, there are some things you can do to prevent termites from entering your home. However, every home is different, and we recommend calling a termite control professional for maximum effectiveness. 

The best way to prevent termites is to:

  • Get rid of moisture: There is nothing that termites love more than moisture, so try and keep it to a minimum. We recommend checking your roof for leaks, evaluating gutters to make sure they don’t make contact with your foundation, and keeping all sources of condensation (dryers and air conditioners) directed away from your home.
  • Remove their food sources: Don’t leave around paper products. Paper is a preferred snack for a termite and can draw them into your home. These pests also love wood, so keep any and all varieties away. This includes tree stumps and dead trees.
  • Seal any cracks: Cracks and holes might give pests access to the inside of your home. You can close off these areas by applying fresh paint or caulk to small crevices. This method will kill two birds with one stone by also assisting in keeping out excess moisture, which attracts termites.

How to Spot Termite Damage

Knowing how to spot termite damage is an essential first step in catching an infestation before it progresses. Being unaware of what to look out for can unknowingly cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. Keep in mind that termite damage can appear inside or outside your home.

Look out for these signs of termite damage:

  • Warped drywall.
  • Bubbling paint, which looks very similar to water damage.
  • Small holes in your drywall.
  • Fecal droppings inside or outside of your house.
  • Wing piles from swarmers.
  • Mud tunnels on the interior or exterior of your walls.

Professional Termite Control in Illinois

Now that you know what to look out for, it’s time to look into a termite control service in Illinois. At Bel-O Pest Solutions, you can be pest-free for just $30 per month. We offer convenient scheduling, and a 100% money-back guarantee. Above all else, we offer a solution that is comprehensive and effective. Schedule your free termite inspection by calling us at 618-205-9248, or get a free quote online!

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