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When birds nest around a home or business the result could mean costly repairs. In fact, statistics show that birds cause millions of dollars in damage in the U.S. every year. Besides repairs, birds can spread disease through their droppings, leave behind mites in their nesting sites and even spread bacteria and attract pests to an area when a bird dies. Birds can also be a nuisance to have around. They can sometimes nest in inconvenient or even dangerous places around a home or business.

Bird Control

We offer a full range of bird control solutions and will devise a plan for your structure’s unique needs. Our services include bird prevention, control and clean-up. Hiring a bird control specialist is a smart approach to bird control.  And control goes beyond removing the birds from the area, you must ensure that you change the environment to prevent them from returning.

Our bird control methods vary, depending on the unique needs of the situation. We will typically use a combination of:

  • Screening out their roosting site
  • Bird spikes
  • Hot wires
  • Deterrent
  • Chemicals
  • Various other alterations that convince them to move elsewhere

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